Purchasing a new home can be an exciting process. Depending on if you are moving up, downsizing or relocating, there are a number of important points to consider. As your realtor, it is my job to help you focus on the most important factors.

Where do you want to live?

Location is the number one concern when moving. Do you want to be close to downtown shopping, grocery stores and restaurants? Or do you prefer a property with waterfront? Are you a city dweller or a country fan? Knowing your preferences allows me to direct you to the area that best suits your needs.

What type of home should I buy?

There are various house layouts available from a bungalow to a Townhome. Below I’ve listed some of the most popular properties and their unique features:

Bungalow – All of your key living space on main floor. Can come with a basement finished or unfinished.

Raised Ranch – Entry is on the lower level, with stairs up to the main living area.

Two Storey – key living space on main floor, with bedrooms typically above.

Townhome – various configurations, but normally directly attached to other units. May have its own yard, or may share with other units.

Condo/Apartment – typically located in multi-level buildings. Each unit is self contained, although some older buildings may have shared laundry facilities.

Mobile home – Normally located in “parks”, each unit will typically pay a monthly pad rental.

What is your budget?

In many cases, this is the first question that needs to be answered. Getting a mortgage pre-approval is a great starting point. Talk to your bank, or one of many mortgage brokers, and they will let you know your maximum budget. My customers have worked with many lenders, and I would be happy to recommend a few to you.

What’s available in the Quinte region? What specifically is available in Belleville or Trenton?

Once your budget, mortgage and home choice is generally set you then need to know what is available. This is one of the key aspects of my job. Buyers spend a lot of time looking though the paper, Kijiji and other online sources for the perfect property.

However, most public listings are gone by the time you contact them. Due to my experience and education I know where to search every day for new listings and know about them within hours of listing. I also know of opportunities for properties that are available, but may not be listed for sale.

The Bottom Line. Buying a home can be overwhelming and stressful. You can feel confident that I will be there to help you every step of the way! Buying a new home or a resale should be fun, and I’ll be there with you to make it a simple, enjoyable experience.